March 17, 2016 | My friend Ana & I decided to take a day trip to Seattle since she has been dying to take me to Starbucks Roastery for the last year.   The cherry blossoms had just bloomed and we decided to take a trip to pay our respects to Bruce & Brandon Lee first, while admiring all the cherry blossoms.


Brunch time!  Seattle has so many good eats and trying to decide on just one is always tough.  Our gps took us around in circles trying to find Porkchop & Co, but we got super duper lucky and got there in the nick of time before they closed.



Ana ordered pork belly hash (top) and I got tomatillo chilaquiles.  She also ordered scrambled eggs for her daughter Jules and they were the fluffiest eggs!  With brunch done, it was time to head to Pike Place before all the shops close.  Pike place is always packed with locals and tourists and since it was St Patty’s day, it was busier than usual with festivities and a parade to boot!  We parked and pretty much rushed through picking up a few things we knew we wanted beforehand.  Pike place is a place where you want to slowly stroll through to look, smell and touch everything.  If you’ve never been, you must try Elleno’s Greek Yogurt and of course Pike Place Chowder.


It was getting late and we still had one more spot to hit before heading home.  It was my first time at Starbucks Roastery and Ana’s third I believe.  I was already feeling pretty exhausted, so coming here was very overwhelming.  So much to see, touch, smell and learn!  Oh, and of course EAT!  They do everything here.  It’s nothing like you see at your local Starbucks.  Their food + drinks is a million times better and I believe they have pastries from a local bakery.


I had an iced green tea latte and marmalade marscapone cake.  The cake was to die for!  Ana got a mole mocha or latte.. we can’t figure it out and I wish I got a hot coffee drink too because it was amazing!  I definitely want to come back with my husband and pick up a souvenir before we permanently leave Washington.

Long and exhausted day, but our bellies and heart is full.  Thanks Ana!~


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