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Life has been good.  DH left Monday at the wee hours of the morning and we miss him so much!  We did get a chance to have a great weekend with amazing weather (I think we had 3 days of sunshine!).  Since DH had a 4 day, we went out to Outback for dinner on Thursday and on Friday we went on a hunt for a treadmill.  After going to a few places, we ended up just getting one at the Lewis PX for $799.  One of the best things about buying goods on post… No Tax!  I think we ate out that night too… at a Greek place in Puyallup.  Saturday we went on an adventure to Bellevue and Seattle and just drove around and explored.  We also went to Home Depot to purchase our first lawn mower!!  Sunday was Easter.  We don’t celebrate, but the weather was at 72F and we spent the day in the backyard playing with the dogs and DH doing yard work.


Anyways, I’ll try and post a recipe soon.  I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and I hope it goes okay.  I know I ate pretty bad over the weekend and tonight I had a caesar salad from BK… yikes!  I should probably do dishes which I’ve neglected for the last few days and get ready to work out.  Hope everyone is well :)

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