Tandoori Chicken at Home

We have this market down in Destin, FL called The Fresh Market which reminds me a lot of Wild Oats in Newport Beach, CA. The husb and I went down there last weekend to basically check out the spices that they carry and I came across premade packages of Indian Curry spices. I ended up just getting the Tandoori Chicken one and it was so delicious! The husb has never actually tried Indian food before, so while i was preparing the marinade for the chicken he was a little grossed out with the yogurt and vinegar. He definitely didn’t complain when i brought the finished dish to him. Anyways i figured it would be a lot easier to buy the individual pack instead of buying the spices seperately since i don’t think i’ve ever tried Tandoori Chicken myself. We don’t have a grill so i just used one of those Iron cast skillets with the grill marks on the bottom. Either way this recipe will definitely go on my “make again” list. I actually don’t have the exact measurements for the marinade, but I do know it included Plain Yogurt, Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Best marinated overnight.

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