I usually don’t do restaurant/food reviews because…. i just don’t. haha Sorry, i couldn’t come up with anything else. Moving on… i’m sure if you live in the LA/Orange County area, you’ve must of heard about Kogi BBQ and their famous truck that you would see parked somewhere with a mile long line. My friend Jenny and I were talking about it just last friday and was thinking of going up to LA to hunt down their truck, but luck must of been on our side because the Kogi truck was down in Huntington Beach/Westminster last night! I’ve heard that sometimes you’d have to wait in line for a good hour or more, so Jenny and I decided to go a hour early, but saddly the truck was a bit late. We ended up standing in line for about 30 minutes freezing our asses off (it was very very cold for southern california)… and then we were up and we just had this cheshire cat grin plastered to our face. I ordered 2 Kogi short rib tacos, 1 spicy bbq chicken, 1 spicy pork taco, 1 tofu taco (for my mom) and 1 chocolate tres leche which ended up being $17 even- including a can of soda. The short ribs were superb, i couldn’t really tell the difference between the chicken and pork, but it had a nice kick towards the end. The greens were a mixture of cabbage and what i think was cilantro and i tasted ginger. The chocolate tres leche description on the website says it “Spiced peanut brittLe w/ toffee, Cocoa PebbLes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, toffee, cayenne and cinnamon.” When you think peanut brittle, you usually think of it being really crunchy and hard, but this one was mushy and soggy. The cake itself was very moist and gooey and just mmmmm…. i would like more please. Next time, if i ever catch the Kogi truck back in my area (which is this Saturday), i definitely want to try their Twisted banh mi dirty dawgs and Black jack quesadilla.

So, if you’re ever around… definitely check their website in advance or follow them on their twitter to see if they’ll be in your area! Its definitely worth the experience.

Tofu Taco

2 Kogi short rib tacos, 1 spicy bbq chicken, 1 spicy pork taco

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